- São Paulo - Don't miss out and enjoy this experience at full speed, only until July 18. Stay tuned! Hot Wheels City Experience is coming to São Paulo. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday, February 22nd, at 12pm!
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  • Fun for
    all ages
  • Mapping
    of cars
  • Interactive


Are you ready for the most exciting race of the year?

Hot Wheels City Experience arrives in São Paulo this season. A unique event for the whole family and Hot Wheels fans. You will have access to many activities in a large covered space, check it out below:

  • Car exhibition
    1 Car exhibition
    Come and enjoy with your family and friends an unique exhibition where you can learn about the history of an incredible collection of cars. Don't miss it!
  • Painting workshop
    2 Painting workshop
    Design the Hot Wheels of your dreams and decorate them however you want on a tablet. Watch it come to life in real time!
  • Hot Wheels Laboratory
    3 Hot Wheels Laboratory
    Test your imagination and create the tracks you want! Play with different Hot Wheels models with your family and friends. We are waiting for you!
  • Go-kart area
    4 Go-kart area

    Become the driver of your dreams in our karting, with an area for children and adults. Everyone likes it here!

    *The kart has an additional cost.

  • Simulators
    5 Simulators
    Our simulators offer a unique experience for all those who love speed! You will feel like a real pilot.
    Minimum height: 1.40m
    Maximum height: 1.80m
  • F1 Simulators
    6 F1 Simulators
    If you are a speed and adrenaline enthusiast, the F1 simulator is the perfect place for you! This incredible simulation recreates the Interlagos Race Track, you will have the unique opportunity to feel the thrill of taking a spin on the Formula 1 track.
    Minimum height: 1.60m
    Maximum height: 1.75m
  • Trampolines
    7 Trampolines
    The adrenaline doesn't stop! Welcome to the area that will make everyone jump, from little ones to adults.
  • Unleashed Race
    8 Unleashed Race
    Be one of the first to discover the latest Hot Wheels release: Hot Wheels Unleashed!
  • Start of the race
    9 Start of the race
    Let's heat up our engines and make them roar in a tremendous 3D show, just so you can start getting ready!
  • Design Center
    10 Design Center
    Come color the car of your dreams! Go back to your childhood, or come with your child, and hand paint cars that will come to life on our walls. There, they will move and accelerate, freeing everyone's imagination.
  • Mechanical workshop
    11 Mechanical workshop
    Do you remember coloring your car in the Design Center? Here you will see it come to life on our walls. Hurry and find yours!
  • Hot Wheels Museum
    12 Hot Wheels Museum
    Take a look at the history of your favorite iconic Hot Wheels cars in our interactive museum. Don't miss it!
  • Food trucks
    13 Food trucks
    There will be options for everyone! We try to cover as many tastes as possible, with varied dishes and food carts for you and the whole family.
  • Official store
    14 Official store
    You can find your favorite model and many more products in our official store. Don't lose it!
 - Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo
 - Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo
 - Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo


  • Patrícia Z.

    Exceeded expectations, well-thought-out interactive attractions, and the go-karting is the highlight of the outing. Don't miss it.

  • Angelle S.

    My son absolutely loved it, the whole experience was wonderful. The staff were excellent, all very friendly. My son was enchanted, and mommy is happy.

  • Rita M.

    Very good, super organized, and guaranteed fun!

  • Tatiane C.

    Very cool! A place full of interactions for children, my son loved it! The professionals are extremely polite and attentive, I intend to take my son again!

  • Olavo C.

    It was above expectations, they had attractions for the kids and for the adults. I went with my wife and daughters during the week, so it was very calm.

  • Aline H.

    Very polite staff, excellent structure and organization.

  • Elizabeth M.

    Very well-organized event, easily accessible location with nearby parking and no huge queues.

  • Rafael A.

    Very good experience. Worth it!

  • Rodrigo B.

    I really liked the event, especially the attention given to my autistic son by 2 attendants in the Arena Experience, where the children received a car and could play with several Hot Wheels tracks.

  • Glaucia N.

    Wonderful event! My son said he will never forget how much he loved it.


  1. Date: Starting on March 21, 2024
  2. Duration: Approximately 1h30
  3. Location: OCA – Ibirapuera Park
  4. Age: For all ages. Minors under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  5. Accessibility: Accessible for people with reduced mobility
Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo
Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo

Gift Card

Give the gift of excitement and adventure with our exclusive Hot Wheels City Experience gift card! Treat your loved ones to an adrenaline-fueled journey through the thrilling world of Hot Wheels, right here in São Paulo.


Discover Hot Wheels City and enjoy everything it can offer you

Entradas y Complementos:

🎫 Full/Half price:
access to the experience by appointment
🎫 Full Flex/Half-price Flex:
access to the experience at any time of the day, from Wednesday to Friday

Add-on options:

Add-ons are additional attractions to fully experience the Hot Wheels Experience, and do not include access to the experience. Don't miss the chance and guarantee your complement now before it runs out!

🚘 Driver's license
🚘 Official Photo
🚘 Karting


As soon as you arrive at HotWheels City Experience, we suggest you go to the Karting area to check in within a maximum of 15 minutes after your arrival.

  • Children:

    Age: Between 6 to 12 years l Minimum height: 1.20m l Up to 10 laps

    *Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult

    ** Adults are not allowed on the children's track

  • Adults:

    Minimum age: 13 years l Height: from 1.60m to 1.90m l Max weight: 110kg l Up to 10 laps

    ***Children are not allowed on the adult track

Driver's license

Driver's license

Take home your own Hot Wheels driver's license

Official photo

Official photo

Take home an official photo of you at the event to cherish this moment forever.


Enjoy electrifying Kart races with your family and friends! There are tracks for adults and children. Go Karting offers two different kart tracks: one track for adults only and another track just for children. Karts are individual, so adults can't share their race with children or other companions.


OCA – Parque Ibirapuera

Pedro Álvares Cabral Avenue, Gate 2 - Moema, São Paulo - SP, Brazil. 04094-050
Line 5 - Lilás
75T-10, 5164-10, 5185-10, 5300-10, 5630-10, 6338-10, 6358-10, 709A-10, 857A-10
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  • Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo
  • Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo
  • Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo
  • Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo
  • Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo
  • Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo
  • Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo
  • Hot Wheels City Experience São Paulo